It’s bye for now friends…⁣

We have been overwhelmed by the support shown to us over the past week. Thank you a million times over. ⁣

The time has now come however to down tools and hang up our aprons…⁣

Meticulously following the most recent government instruction to STAY HOME unless for the few specified and absolutely necessary reasons is of the most critical importance right now. It is with this in mind that we have decided to suspend all take-out options with immediate effect, including our new drive-through service, to ensure we can completely eliminate any unnecessary travel and person to person interaction and contact. ⁣

We know you will understand that this is the right thing to do, and agree that the safety, health and wellbeing of people must, and of course will, always come first.⁣

We’re not sure when we’ll be lighting the fire or stoking the smoker again, but we’ll be doing it the very moment it is safe to.⁣

Til’ then folks, look after yourselves and each other. We must all now focus on preserving the thing that we all hold most precious, our health. ⁣

We’ll see you on the other side 🖤

Grant & Robyn x