Whilst taking a bit of quiet time over this past few weeks to just pause, absorb, and reflect on things with our families, as you’d imagine we’ve also been doing plenty of thinking, planning and preparing for if, how best, and when we could safely get back to forging a food collection service for you again, whilst our restaurant remains closed.
If and when we did, we knew we wanted to offer a system that was even safer for you than that of pre-closure – and that would mean completely eliminating any person to person contact between you, us and others. For the team, adding in further health and safety measures and re-configuring our working zones to ensure social distancing could be at a minimum of 2 metres would also be an integral element of getting back to work.
With these goals in mind, we got cracking to make this happen, and are happy to announce an even safer return to Forging, with our delivery and re-vamped collection services live again from FRIDAY 24TH APRIL.

To the amazing workers of the NHS and Emergency Services…
Please enjoy 20% off all collected drive-through food orders. We do hope another local available hot meal service will be of just a little extra help at this time. THANK YOU for everything that you do.


We hope you’ll enjoy a Forge bite or two from the comfort of your home soon –
We continue to do our very best to navigate our way through the ongoing situation and wish to once again extend our sincerest thanks to you all for your continued support. It means everything.

Grant, Robyn and The Team